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Women Empowerment

‘Pride and Periods’: Ananya Chhaochharia, Paint It Red

Ananya Chhaochharia is the founder of ‘Paint it Red’, an...
Social Responsibilities

Embracing One’s Emotions

Meet Pankhuri Sehgal, the founder of Let’s Celebrate Foundation which...
Social Responsibilities

The Awakening – Sonia Kapil

Sonia Kapil’s ‘Aarohan-Helping Hands’ is on a mission to...
Social Responsibilities

The Safe Haven – Ravi Kalra

Ravi Kalra is given away all the luxuries in life and has decided to help...

Redefining Society – Havaldar R. K. Sharma

Unpretentious and unassuming, right there, on the pavement, minus the...

Arming With Knowledge – Sonu Mittal

Holding the ladder of success for othersSeveral times during the...

Industrious trio ruling by the Book – Gyandeep

And miles to go …Do I get tired after a day’s grueling...
Social Responsibilities

When the going gets tough – Kamala Mills heroes – Mahesh Sable and Suraj Giri

With no time for second thoughts Mahesh Sable and Suraj Giri, two security...
Animal Care

A special breed of humans – Janani Krishnamurthy

While we pass by humans lying on the road, we couldn’t care less for the...
Animal Care

Rare comrade of manas’ best friend – N Pravallika

Poaching, hunting, killing, eating, experimenting and entertainment –...
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