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MIssion chetna coffee table book

Chetna Heroes - Spreading Goodness

A Snippet View

Our ‘Coffee Table Book’ profiles 32 Chetna Heroes whose distinguished philanthropic activities have been instrumental in bringing change in the lives of almost 10 million underprivileged Indians.

CHetna Heroes - Spreading Goodness

Now available on Amazon in both, English & Hindi language.


What People Are Saying

Stories of Aam Aadmi creating extraordinary impact. These are passionate individuals driven by a strong sense of social purpose. A salute to Chetna foundation and a the Heroes spreading Goodness.

Kandarp Patel photo

Kandarp Patel

CEO - Adani Electricity

His (Ravi Sharma's) NGO Mission Chetna has touched a large number of lives across multiple states of India. I hope the Coffee Table Book with several inspirational stories, will draw the attention of a large number of our fellow citizens and further spread the fame of Goodness.

Prof Ajit Kumar Chaturvedi photo

Prof Ajit Kumar Chaturvedi

Director - IIT Roorkee

Chetna Heroes is a delightful compilation of inspiring stories of seemingly ordinary individuals who dared to take a different path to encourage, motivate and uplift others through their simple yet impactful acts of goodness. This is an excellent narration of how goodness can be shared and spread to bring about a positive change in several areas which need our attention – be it the environment; people in need of better facilities or suffering from hunger; education and healthcare; women empowerment; or providing for other living beings on the planet.

After reading the book, I am confident that it will awaken and inspire many other readers to move on the path of doing good and spreading cheer to make our society and the planet a better place to live in.

P. Balaji photo

P. Balaji

Chief Regulatory and Corporate Affairs Officer - Vodafone Idea

Chetna Heroes! Spreading Goodness brings you the tales of Real Life Heroes working day and night selflessly for society to make it a better place for everyone.
A big Salute to these living legends and Chetna mission.
Truly inspirational!!

Alka Sharma photo

Alka Sharma


अनर्थ है कि बंधु ही न बंधु की व्यथा हरे,
वही मनुष्य है कि जो मनुष्य के लिए मरे"
No words for such a noble cause. The efforts of team Chetna under the able leadership and pious humanity work of Ravi Ji is praiseworthy.
"मनुष्य मात्र बंधु है यही बड़ा विवेक है"

Er Kamendra Kumar photo

Er Kamendra Kumar

Vice Chairman, Telecom Export Promotion Council

“अच्छाई ज़माने से कहीं, गुम नहीं जाए — रब ने तभी नेकी से भरे, इंसान बनाए“— Just as any plant needs sunlight, water, soil to thrive, similarly any good cause needs appreciation, support, guidance, to get better growth. Mission Chetna is leading in this work, for which I congratulate the founder of Chetna, Shri Ravi Sharma. You don't have to go to fairyland in search of angels, you will find them here in the world, spreading goodness. It is the duty of all of us to cooperate and encourage them. Thanks 💐Mission Chetna 💐

Dr. Liza Khan photo

Dr. Liza Khan

CEO - HIHE Pvt. Ltd

The Book Chetna Heroes proves that Goodness as a divine quality of humanity still exists and that there are selfless angels who take note of this noble quality in people and make it known to the world. A true gesture to make this world a better place to live in. Remarkable stories, the heart-touching gesture of noticing these and bringing in front of the world so beautifully... a primer, a catalyst and propeller of goodness which motivates others to be good. Extraordinary Work.

Rear Admiral K.S. Noor photo

Rear Admiral K.S. Noor

Principal - Indian Navy Academy
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