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Social Responsibilities

Mita Wadhwa – Raising the Bar with each passing challenge!

Right now as we watch her story Mita and her team is making sure that...
Social Responsibilities

Ek Nayi Pehchan

Meet Chetna Hero, Pratibha Kumar, who worked as a mentor at the Tihar jail...

Under the Tree of Education – Jasmine Bhatia

Jasmine Bhatia believes in inclusivity and that’s why she established...
Environment Care

A Friendly Hand to the Environment – Ranju Minhas

Ranju Minhas is on a mission to remove all the wet waste from our homes and...
Specially Abled

The Game Changer Reena Bhatia

Reena Bhatia is an inspiration to all. Losing her vision didn’t stop...
Social Responsibilities

A Voice in the Wilderness – Ashish Ambashta

Ashish Ambashta and his team started SeeTalks to give people a platform to...
Social Responsibilities

The Wings Of Faith – Spreading Goodness

Sanjeev Pradhan has played a massive role during the Muzaffarnagar riots in...
Social Responsibilities

Spreading Goodness: The Game Changer

Walk away when children smoke around you, look the other way when you see...
Specially Abled

Spreading Goodness: Torchbearer in the darkest hour

Someone recently related her attempt to survive as a visually-impaired...
Social Responsibilities

Spreading Goodness: Connoisseur of Art

Deculturation has struck every demography and is one of the causes of...
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