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Social Responsibility

There are some who are dedicated to a cause and there are others who are dedicated to humanity. These Chetna Heroes will do whatever it takes to provide some relief, comfort and security to a set of people. The relief interventions provided range from awareness generation and experience sharing; from livelihood initiatives to providing free medical treatment and running shelters for the abandoned.

Hariom Sahoo helps refugees to stand on their own feet. He gets them established into displaced people’s colonies, prepares the children to join mainstream schools and finds appropriate livelihood opportunities for the families. Tarun Walecha and his organization ‘Share and Care’ support aspiring athletes from underprivileged backgrounds with equipment and training advice. ‘Share and Care’ channels donated sports shoes, T-shirts, shorts and jackets to young athletes through grassroots NGOs who work locally within the community tending to their other needs.
These angels of mercy do not align themselves with a single cause. They do whatever good they can, wherever they can. In many cases, their intervention has been the difference between life and death for another human being.

Divye Minocha is a pillar of support to many organizations and volunteers his time, money and energy to a number of social initiatives. He can be found during feeding programs and langars distributing food, at awareness workshops organizing and managing, or driving around in the biting cold of Delhi winter nights with a carload of blankets ready to warm the homeless sheltering under bridges or huddled on sidewalks. 

Ashish Ambasta provides a platform SEEtalks for people from different walks of life, to talk about their experiences. The random acts of kindness these speakers do daily sets them aside from the crowd. Their experience sharing brings inspiration and encouragement to the less fortunate.

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Meet Chetna Heroes helping the Underprivileged

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