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Social Responsibilities

Mita Wadhwa – Raising the Bar with each passing challenge!

Right now as we watch her story Mita and her team is making sure that during this Corona crisis, no passerby migrant labourer crosses Bhopal without food and fellow feeling.

After having her fair share of success during her corporate working days, Mita chose Bhopal her hometown and it’s well being over everything else.
Today as brand ambassador of Bhopal Municipal Corporation (BMC) she feels every pulse of the city and can be seen everywhere where help is needed!

Social Responsibilities

Ek Nayi Pehchan

Meet Chetna Hero, Pratibha Kumar, who worked as a mentor at the Tihar jail and through her initiative ‘Pehchan’, transformed lives of many of its inmates who were previously deemed unemployable in the society. Through education and steady development training, she touched the lives of these convicts and helped them find an ‘identity’ of their own so that they are recognized a part of the society at large.

Here’s her incredible story!

Women Empowerment


Simran Kaur has used her time to help women earn extra income. She teaches women embroidery and stitching to make different kinds of bags and clothing. She pushes these women to independent individuals and that makes her a true Chetna Hero!

Social Responsibilities

A helping hand – Divye Minocha

Divye Minocha or better known as Manu Bhai from a very young age decided to start taking care of the underprivileged. No matter where he goes, his car is always filled with food items as well as sanitary napkins so that he always has something to offer to people who need it.

Social Responsibilities

The Safe Haven – Ravi Kalra

Ravi Kalra is given away all the luxuries in life and has decided to help the homeless. He has set up a space in his own house and provides food, medication and shelter for people. Even though he has faced a lot of challenges in life, he has stuck strong to his initiative and has been helping the homeless.


Under the Tree of Education – Jasmine Bhatia

Jasmine Bhatia believes in inclusivity and that’s why she established Vrikshala. She is a strong, independent woman who teaches children life skills and believes that nobody should be excluded. A partnered initiative with Roti Bank, Jasmine makes sure that children and their parents understand and support her cause.

Environment Care

A Friendly Hand to the Environment – Ranju Minhas

Ranju Minhas is on a mission to remove all the wet waste from our homes and the societies we live in. She and her team have been installing a special bin for wet waste in various housing societies in Delhi. Her end goal is to keep the environment clean and completely plastic-free. She is a friend that our environment needs at this point of time.

Social Responsibilities

A Voice in the Wilderness – Ashish Ambashta

Ashish Ambashta and his team started SeeTalks to give people a platform to share their stories of goodness. Ashish plans to reach a larger crowd by setting up this platform not only in India but also abroad.

Environment Care

Protector of the Environment

Shail Mathur had an illustrious career as a journalist since 1993. Since a long time, she’s been keenly involved in activities related to protect the environment.

She wanted to do more in an organized way to create a meaningful impact and fight against the plastic menace. So she launched a ‘No plastic bag’ movement in 2015 in Noida and now the weekly vegetable market of Sector 55/56 is 99% plastic bag free.

Additionally, Shail and her team have demonstrated in various events as to how a complete event can be made waste and plastic-free.

Social Responsibilities

Treating Trauma with Psychodrama

Anupriya Banerjee is a young, free spirited person who uses drama therapy for people suffering from depression, anxiety, autism and other issues related to mental health. Her YouTube channel, ‘Doctor Drama’ has various DIY (Do it yourself) techniques to help her patients out!

In a country, where a lot of people suffer from mental health problems, her tech-savvy movement is something to look out for.

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