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Sunil Pahilajani

Board Advisor
Sunil Pahilajani, an experienced industry leader with over 37 years' experience, has held successful leadership roles at renowned companies such as Maruti Udyog, Caparo Group, Mahindra Navistar, Suzlon Energy, and Greaves Cotton. Throughout his career, Sunil has demonstrated expertise in overall management, governance, compliance, communication, business development, project management, and people management. Sunil graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering from IIT Roorkee, specializing in metallurgy at Nagoya University. Apart from his professional endeavors, Sunil actively contributes as an advisor to NGOs that support disabled individuals and is deeply committed to making a positive impact in the education sector. In recognition of the need for modern educational tools, Sunil took the initiative to equip Chakiya School with projectors and computers, setting it apart as one of the few government schools with such technology at the primary level while facilitating the appointment of several new teachers on behalf of Mission Chetna, thereby improving the student-teacher ratio and transforming Chakiya Primary School into one of the leading government primary schools in Uttar Pradesh.
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