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Ravi Sharma

Ravi Sharma is a philanthropist and is the founder of Prama Jyoti Foundation and Mission Chetna. A well known former corporate leader Ravi has pledged his life to the mission of "Spreading Goodness" in society by identifying and appreciating those who are living a life of goodness and inspiring others to do so. He is also President of IIT Alumni Council and Chairman of TEMA (Telecom Equipment Manufacturers Association of India)

Before choosing the life of gratitude, Ravi has had an outstanding professional track record of leading India’s largest corporations in the INDIAN Power & Telecom industry as CEO. He has been the recipient of numerous personal and industry awards including the best CEO. Amongst those “Distinguished Alumni Award” that he got from his alma mater IIT Roorkee is the most treasured by him.

Born in 1962 inside a kuchcha house of an unheard-of village in Uttar Pradesh, Ravi’s education also started at a humble village school where they sat on gunny bags and wrote with a wooden pen on a slate. This kind of living during his formative years shaped his character in several ways and played a great role in making him the balanced person with compassion and clear thinking that he is today.

His exposure from village to small towns to big cities, from illiteracy to education, and from farming to the corporate world has groomed and enhanced his personality. Ravi himself says, “We all are products of our exposure and exposure is a function of interaction.”

Throughout his life, Ravi has well played all roles as a business executive, leader, philanthropist, and social change catalyst but at the core, he is a living artist who brings out the beauty of life through his creative and social instincts. Ravi got Inspired by legendary poet Late Sri Harivanshrai Rai Bachchan in his growing up years and developed means to express himself in form of writing poems in Hindi. Ravi’s poems are mainly a reflection of his thoughtfulness and perception of the art of living. In 2015, Times Music India launched his first music album “Moonlight Whispers”, with top Indian singers giving voice to the songs written by him.

Ravi has lived a full spectrum of life starting from his birth and initial education in a village in Uttar Pradesh to being one of the most successful CEO and then leaving everything to pursue his passion of contributing to society.

He believes in the wholesomeness of life and is living one himself.

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