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Spreading Goodness: Connoisseur of Art

Deculturation has struck every demography and is one of the causes of social structural stress and general feeling of loneliness and antipathy. Of course, song and dance performances are available at the click of a button on the internet but there is only a miniscule population that find representation on that media.

There are many who struggle not for fame, nor for wealth but just to be able to pursue a career that they are passionate about. We have never known performing arts to be a lucrative profession but it could offer the artists a respectable livelihood if only we could guard our art which is on the verge of extinction. The threat is looming as hard as that of deforestation and global warming. If it weren’t for art lovers and patrons like Rupali Gaekwad, our art forms also would find place only in the museums and books. Rupali does her best to sustain the increasingly ignored Indian classical music and dance forms and ensures the spell is everlasting and enchanting.

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